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This site attempts to cover everything you might want to know about one of the most successful pop/vocal groups to emerge from the fabulous 1960’s.

The Bachelors burst onto the record scene in early 1963 with their first ‘top ten’ hit, ‘Charmaine.’ From that moment on, they continued to sing their way into the hearts of millions around the world until their untimely and rather sad break-up in 1984.

‘The Boys,’ as they were collectively known to their management and fans, set the music charts alive with countless hit singles and albums. By the end of 1965, their record company estimated they had sold over 12 million pieces of vinyl in the UK alone! Sadly, their achievements are often overlooked by popular music historians and this web site is intended to set the record straight! The menu allows you to choose a journey through their recording, stage and TV/Radio careers, together with a full UK and USA discography.

The galleries contain a comprehensive collection of record/CD images and pictures/memorabilia from their live performances on Stage and TV.

I bought my first Bachelors record, aged 10 in 1963 and was well and truly hooked on their smooth presentation and vocal harmony style. Like most kids in the 60’s, I enjoyed and bought records by many other groups, but I’ve never lost my passion for the music of The Bachelors.

The story of their success does move on from 1984 and there are links on this site to discover the onward journeys of all three members. That being the case, I’ve decided to limit this site to the work of the original group.

So… sit back, grab a cuppa and enjoy your ride through the history of the best three-part harmony band on the planet!

~ John Leyland

The Bachelors
The Bachelors


A discussion of The Bachelors recording history, along with links to their UK/USA discographies.

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An in-depth commentary of the group’s stage history – from the early days to their split as a trio.

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TV, Radio & Film

A look at appearances by The Bachelors in television, film and on radio.

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