The site has its origins long before the internet came into our lives. I wrote a brief history of The Bachelors with an accurate UK Discography for a well known record magazine back in 1983. They didn’t even have the courtesy to acknowledge its receipt, nor return the original photographs supplied, despite my supplying a stamped and addressed return envelope! A further attempt received the same response in 1990, so that was the end of that!

As the internet grew, I often toyed with the idea of a website to cover the history of The Bachelors, together with an accurate and complete discography. The dreadful Covid-19 pandemic and resulting ‘lockdowns’ gave me the time to finally focus on the task and here is the result. It’s been a long and sometimes frustrating journey to get to this point!

There is so much misinformation about the group floating around online! So… instead of shouting abuse at my computer screen, I’ve put my knowledge, thoughts and memories together for what I hope is the definitive work on their career from 1962 – 1984. There will no doubt be some mistakes and glaring omissions! I hope to expand the discography section to eventually cover Australia and Japan.

Opinions, corrections and new information will always be welcomed via the contact form and I look forward to updating the site as and when it is required. It’s been a labour of love for sure and I hope I’ve done Con, Dec and John proud.

None of this would be possible without a lot of help and assistance from the three original members of the group; Con Cluskey, Dec Cluskey and John Stokes. I am grateful to them for their time, patience and friendship through the years. Thanks for the music guys!

Finally, a huge thank you to Paul Devine, whose professional web design and development skills have turned my thoughts into what you see before you. However you have arrived at the-bachelors.net, enjoy your time here!

~ John Leyland

John Leyland (the author) with Con, Dec and John in 1980
The author with Con, Dec and John in 1980